The print versus eBook debate has been going on for years. Both sides have individuals that are completely loyal to their side. We can all agree that reading is a fundamental tool for children that can break down barriers and create a vast collection of knowledge. Similarly, knowledge about technology is also vital for a child’s future success. But how much can you combine those two aspects?

Just for informational purposes, print books simply mean traditional paper books whilst eBooks mean electronic books which can be read using a computer, tablet, or e-reader. The main concern that parents had regarding eBooks was the increased screen time that their children would have.

Though many have argued about which one is better than the other, they can agree that both have their advantages (many studies prove this fact).

The advantages of eBooks are…

  • eBooks are accessible and convenient
  • Children can use eBooks independently
  • Early literacy with good quality books
  • More interaction with parents and educators

The advantages of print books are…

  • Fewer distractions whilst children are reading
  • Children focus more on the details
  • Hands on experience with children and their parents
  • More interaction with adults whilst reading

The bottom line is that kids have a lot to gain from both of those reading methods. In the education sector, books have prevailed through the rise of the eBook. This does not mean that eBooks will be completely replacing print books anytime soon. The main factor to take away from this is that with both of their advantages – it’ll be more beneficial if children are given a mix of the two methods.

For both the child and parent/educator, reading is seen as an emotional experience. No matter which method you choose to read with, the main purpose is for parents to spend time with their child. Though INSYL books are only printed books right now, we’re sure that it’ll bring you and your child closer through the process of reading and practicing in the study guide.


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    • Hi John,

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      Yes true it has been 4 years of hard work to come here, so now we think we are ready to go public so we will launch crowdfunding campaign on the 15th of November if you are interested to support us?
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