Though this year, and some past years, headlines have provided children with a false look at the world being hostile and unkind – it’s our job to teach them the opposite. Society today is focused on their happiness, no matter how they have to get it. Parents, along with educators, need to find opportunities to teach their children about kindness and fairness. Artists and authors are some of the best individuals who can subtlety influence a child’s way of thinking.

In comparison to adults and older children, younger children are more prone to adaptability. In terms of books, parents should look for titles that teach children the importance of sharing, openness, and empathy. For older children, it’s imperative that they are taught the power of friendship.

Kindness can come in many forms, so it’s impossible for anyone to tell you what exactly kindness is. However, one thing that most can agree on is that kindness usually comes in those little things. Your child sharing their snack or stationary with a fellow classmate or friend can be considered as kind. In a situation of hurt, your child choosing to respond in happiness can be considered as kindness.

Teaching children that being kind means having the ability to care for the welfare of others, even those that have tested their patience. Books are essential to a child’s education.The point is, there are hundreds of ways to be kind. But a child is not simply born with kindness engraved in their soul. They are taught to be kind, whether that be through their parents, siblings, teachers, family members, or even other children. This is why it’s imperative for parents and educators to delve into the teaching of personality traits, like kindness.

There is no one specific age where you can be taught to be kind. However, as stated before, younger children are more adaptable. Thus, making them the ideal candidates to be taught positive personality traits. It’s important to know that kindness does, in fact, begin at home.

Young children are very impressionable, so everything you do – they will do it as well. Our books are specially formulated to encourage kindness in all ages. We understand that the world can sometimes be not so kind, but in having a positive outlook – your child will be guaranteed a positive future.