When it comes to raising children there is no doubt that it can be a challenge. Especially during those long rainy days, where nothing seems to be going right. Well, regardless of the weather, when it comes to children, every day is a chance to help them improve, learn, and grow. And, there is truly not a better way for this to happen than through confidence-building, fun activities for those grey rainy days!


Here are some activities for you to do with your child on long, rainy days…


Visit the Library – The library is an amazing refuge for rainy days. Take your child to the library on a rainy day and let them pick out all of their favourite books for a great day of learning.


Craft a Scrapbook at Home – Scrapbooking is a fun activity for children of all ages, and there is nothing better than scrapbooking on a long, rainy day.


Bake a Cake – This activity is great for children because it helps them learn specific measurements as well as the virtue of patience.


Play a Game – What’s better than a fun card or board game? Enjoy staying inside on a rainy day by playing a fun and interactive game.


Make Cleaning Fun – On a rainy day, a great activity for them to do is to clean. Put on some lively music and then clean with your child. They will enjoy it and you will enjoy the results!

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