1. Make It Fun – The best way to motivate your child is to make motivation as fun as possible. Use games, toys, and whatever else gets your child excited and raring to go. As long as they are having fun, they will stay motivated!
  2. Use Positive Reinforcement – There is nothing better than providing positive reinforcement to a child who needs some motivation. The secret is to give lots of compliments, use kind words when speaking to them, and overall, help your child feel great about themselves.
  3. Allow Your Child to Have Options – One of the easiest ways to motivate your child is to give them options. If they feel like they are making a decision by themselves, they are much more apt to do what they need to do, and stay motivated all day!
  4. Ensure Your Child’s Basic Needs Are Met – Some people forget that the first step towards getting your child to be more motivated means having all of their vital needs met first. This means, your child must be well-rested and not tired; well-fed, and not hungry, in order to have the most optimal conditions to stay motivated.
  5. Be a Good Example – At the end of the day, children follow what they see, and there is no greater tactic for helping a child get and stay motivated than being motivated yourself. Make sure you set a great example for your child by staying as motivated as possible, and they will inevitably follow your lead.