1. The All-Out Screaming Match – This is one of the most infuriating types of tantrums. This is the type of tantrum that is noisy, loud, and an all-around nightmare. Your child uses this when they are trying to get their way and don’t mind embarrassing you as well as themselves in the process. Your child is trying to get their way when they use this type of tantrum, and the best way to handle it is to not give in to their whims.

2. The Silent Glare – This is a tactic that children use when they really want to get their way, but don’t want to resort to the all-out screaming match. The silent glare usually involves your child sitting or standing and not moving, while they glare at you and silently protest. Your child is standing strong when they exhibit the silent glare, and they are giving you the message that you need to do what they say or else!

3. The Hide And Seek – The hide and seek tantrum is frightening, to say the least. This tantrum is usually exhibited by children that are interested in giving their parents a little scare. The way that this tantrum works is that when your child doesn’t get what he/she wants, they simply leave your sight. They might go somewhere where you can’t see them, but where they can see you, or they might walk or run off altogether.