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We take the most famous paintings and tell a story based on the lives experience from the painters conciousness when telling the story.
The story is told through deep meaning, through heart melting poetry and phrasing. We bring life to the sentiments, thoughts and feelings each of the renowned artists. We inspire the younger generation to better understand the majesty of each visual masterpieces though a complementary poetry and captivating storyline. In doing so we believe this builds a positive and inspirational attitude towards magic of artwork and so inspire imagination and artistic sensitivity.
We are how ever at the early stages so the stories are written but we will be improving them and writing new stories and make them best we can over the next year.
So they are coming SOON 🙂 

Here is an example for the Sledge in the Snow:
It is only a small part of the full story:

Once upon a time a most bizarre incident occurred in Vitebsk, a little Russian village. It all started one night in midwinter when everyone was fast asleep. In fact, if the townsfolk hadn’t been fast asleep, I wouldn’t have happened and who knows, perhaps my story would have never unravelled. The moon – a warm, welcoming moon- imbued the night sky with a soft light, while snowflakes that you could easily mistake for tiny, glittery stars were engaged in some sort of sparkling dance. The snow had already spread its white, luminous wings over the village roofs, over the silent church and over the narrow streets. And it was there, beyond the dark windows and in the midst of all that stillness, that people were… well, people were dreaming! They dreamt and they dreamt and they dreamt until… puff! Sudden laughter, unexpected movement, an outburst of joy…


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