This Privacy Policy is solely for the use of, which is owned and operated by INSYL. This Privacy Policy governs and protects the privacy of the users of the websites who are choosing to use it.
This Policy lays out the various areas in which a user’s privacy would be a concern. It outlines the requirements and obligations of the website’s owner and its user’s. This Policy will also outline the processes of storing and protecting its user’s information and data.

Information We May Collect

We may collect the following data about you:

  • Information provided by you whilst filling out a form, including the items purchased.
  • If you contact us, we might keep a copy of the correspondence.
  • If you decide to complete a survey for us, we may keep that information.
  • Details of your transactions
  • Details of your visit to our Website

The Website

This Site complies with all England and United Kingdom requirements as well as any laws regarding user privacy. This website and website owners are active in protecting the privacy of its users. They ensure that all necessary steps are taken to ensure the complete privacy of their users throughout their website visit experience.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are compact files that are saved to the hard drive of a user’s computer. These files can store, save and track information regarding the user, including information about the user’s interactions and the usage of various sites. Through its server, this information allows the Site to provide its users the best and uniquely tailored experience.

The sole purpose of the cookies on this Site is to provide users with a better and more tailored experience. Where it is applicable, this Site uses a specialised controlling cookie system that enables the user to choose whether they accept or deny the use of cookies within their computers. This is in compliance with recent legislations that requires website owners to get clear consent from their users to allow the use of cookies. This needs to be done before the Site is able to leave or read files on the user’s computer.

If users wish to avoid cookies saving any files onto their computers, we advise them to deny access to the cookies. If they do wish to deny cookies, it is recommended that they access the security settings of their preferred browsers and block the complete use of cookies pertaining to this Site. uses a software provided by Google, named Google Analytics. This software uses cookies to track the websites visitor statistics. The tracking software allows the websites and its owners to understand how a visitor chooses to use their website. By knowing this information, they can tailor their site to best suit the needs of their site visitors. In order to do this, the website will use cookies to save files onto your computer’s hard drive. Those cookies will then monitor your usage and engagement within the site. They will not collect, save or store any personal user information.

Communication & Contact

Any website users who wish to contact the website or its owners are advised to do so at their own discretion. If they are asked to put forth any personal details, they are choosing to do so at their own risk.
Nonetheless, your personal information will be stored securely and kept private. It will be securely stored until a time that it’s no longer needed or does not have a use any longer. Thus, complying with the Data Protection Act 1998. The user can rest assured that the website owners and handlers will make every effort to ensure that your data is kept secure and safe through all processes of their service. They will do their absolute best to ensure that your details are not spread along to any external and third parties.

Independent Links

Although this website and its owners strive to ensure that they only include external links that are relevant, safe and have quality information – Users are suggested to be cautious whilst visiting these linked sites. Though owners try their best to find quality links, they cannot verify or guarantee the informational content of external sites. If users click on any external links, they should do so at their own risk. This Site nor its owners can’t be held liable for any implications or damages occurred whilst visiting any outside links that are mentioned.

Sponsored Links and Adverts may contain sponsored adverts and links. Generally, those adverts and links will be shown through our advertising partners. This website’s owners will ensure that the advertising partners follow detailed and strict privacy policies in relation to each adverts they provide.
If a user clicks on any adverts that are shown on, they will be referred to the advertisers’ website that may have cookies in play. They will also be tracking the amount of referrals that are sent from The cookies may be saved onto the hard drive of a User’s computer. This website and its owners advise user’s to be cautious of clicking any sponsored external links. The Site and its owners can’t be held liable for any implications or damages caused due to the visit of an external link.