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Financial Education to give your child an elevated advantage to build a secure, prudent, frugal, and wealthy future.


Positive Psychology to give your child a positive perspective, confidence, leadership, and healthy perspectives on life.


Artistic Consciousness to propel your subconscious thinking, inspire imagination, and cultivate creativity.

About Us

INSYL is a unique and innovative publishing company that strives to educate children about the importance of finance for the future in a playful and fun way.

We have a diverse range of books that cater to the various sections of finance.

Why Choose Us

Here, at INSYL, we put your child’s education at our number one priority. We enjoy enriching young minds with a vast range of information that is designed to help them get further in life.

Our selection of books and study guides will guide your child into a life of factual thinking with the best psychology and belief system. Our affordably priced books ensure that you won’t have to spend heaps of cash to get the best education for your child. We offer you extensively research information at an affordable rate.

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