At INSYL we believe that positive praise, support and encouragement are vital for fostering self-esteem, particularly for the important early stages of childhood development. The more confident our children feel, the more they will be eager to learn and welcome new and exciting challenges.

Children are more likely to thrive in both social and academic settings if they have developed a healthy level of self-assurance, which in turn enables children to expect a certain amount of respect from others, allowing them to form fair and rewarding friendships.

Positive praise and affirmation is a good way to develop resilience in your little learners, allowing them to learn through trial and error, to accept failure and to try new things.

Positive praise can be communicated and demonstrated in many ways, but can also be as simple as using constructive comments and phrases, and avoiding the use of negative language when conversing with your child.

At INSYL we have rounded-up our top 30 positive praises to show our children how proud they make us every day. We think these are pretty reassuring for older children, teenagers and adults to hear too. So try out some of these with your family and see if you can spread the positivity in your household.

  1. You make me proud.
  2. You are loved.
  3. You were right.
  4. You make me happy.
  5. I love your creativity.
  6. Your ideas are amazing.
  7. I’m lucky to have you.
  8. You don’t have to be perfect to be brilliant.
  9. Your opinions matter to me.
  10. You matter to me.
  11. Being around you is fun.
  12. I believe in you.
  13. I believe you.
  14. You are a valued member of this family.
  15. I like spending time with you.
  16. You are interesting.
  17. Your friends are lucky to have you.
  18. I love seeing the world your way.
  19. That’s a great question.
  20. You made a good choice.
  21. Thanks for being you.
  22. You are brave.
  23. Seeing you happy makes me happy.
  24. I forgive you.
  25. You are very good at that!
  26. You did your best.
  27. I love how you say/do that.
  28. You did that really well.
  29. That’s a great idea!
  30. I love you unconditionally.

So why not use some of these, or make some of your own positive phrases tailored to you and your child. You can even pop them on post-it notes when you think of something your child has achieved or done to make you proud – after all, our busy lives can make it easy to forget the things we mean to say.

Even when our children don’t succeed at something, we should always help them to look for the positives a situation. Perhaps they didn’t do too well on a maths test, but their spelling score was amazing! It can be very uplifting for children and adults alike to focus on the positives rather than the negatives of any situation.

At INSYL we believe children should learn through creative play, fun experiences and plenty of positive praise. Our syllabus includes Positive Psychology as a core value and study area, and along with Financial Education and Artistic Consciousness children are can learn and explore with our intuitive life lessons while building that all-important sense of self-worth and well-being.