The financial literacy of younger children hasn’t been something that many educators have looked in depth. Children might learn a little about the basics of financing during Mathematics, but don’t go into the depth that they need to truly understand the subject.

Our specially formulated books are designed to give your child the advantage that they need to have a successful financial future by

  • Creating and Elevated Advantage to build a secure, prudent, frugal, and wealthy future.
  • Making numbers as easy as 123 unravelling the mysteries of the finance saving budgeting incorporating values like frugality and prudence
  • Inspiring critical independent thinking , making informed prudent financial decisions


Positive psychology cultivating and the attitudes and behaviours and challenges that compel children to be more able to respond to life’s challenges etc

  • Positive Psychology to give your child a positive perspective, confidence, leadership, and healthy perspectives on life.
  • Cultivate enthusiasm passion and motivation – through understanding of purpose and focus
  • Experience the midb mess of of focus and the bliss the passion


Artistic consciousness to propel your subconscious thinking, inspiring imagination, and cultivating creativity.

It has long been held that artistic sensibility and a sensory intuition toward scholars imagery and gives ways to greater more expansive imaginations

The aspects of our business.

  • Experience the subtle nuances of of colura variation through, poetic language and appreciation of colours
  • Appreciate the nuances sentiments and expressions of each individual artist painting in one swirl of colours language and poetic enterprise
  • Rope your subconscious thinking, inspiring imagination, and cultivating creativity.