The financial literacy of our children is often overlooked by educators, with lessons in mathematics just barely scratching the surface of concepts like savings, interest, debt, and investment.

Our specially formulated books are designed to give your child the building blocks they need for a financially secure future. Our Financial Education series:

  • Helps your child understand just how important it is to have good money management skills through vivid storytelling.
  • Unravels the mysteries of finance, and explains key concepts like budgeting, and the value of frugality
  • Inspires the kind of critical independent thinking that leads to informed and sensible financial decisions.


Whether travelling to a new place, experiencing different cultures, or forming worthwhile connections, the lessons in our Positive Psychology series allow your child to break down barriers and carve their own path.

By cultivating the right attitudes and behaviours, your children will be more equipped to respond to life’s challenges, no matter how big or small.

  • Positive Psychology underscores the importance of having a positive and healthy perspective on life.
  • Young readers cultivate enthusiasm, passion, and motivation, through a key understanding of focus and drive.
  • Help your child develop the skills needed for leadership, communication, and responsibility.


The development of your child’s artistic consciousness allows them to effectively express themselves and their ideas to others, get in touch with their subconscious, and nurture their imagination.

It has long been held that artistic sensibility and a sensory intuition gives ways to more innovation and higher levels of intelligence. The Artistic Consciousness series helps your child:

  • Experience the subtle nuances in art and literature through the appreciation of poetic language and colours.
  • Appreciate the sentiments of others and the expression of each individual artist through their medium.
  • Gain a better understanding of human experiences regardless of barriers like language and culture.