For something so intrinsic to the quality of their adult lives, the financial literacy of children is often surprisingly overlooked by many educators, and while they may teach some basics of finance through mathematics, specific concepts like savings, debt, loans, and their potential impact are either barely addressed or completely ignored.

At INSYL, we pride ourselves on being a unique and innovative publishing company that allows children ages 5 and up to learn the importance of money management in a fun and easily understood way. Our specially formulated books are designed to give your child a head start on a successful financial future. We also have two additional series dealing with artistic and positive psychological development.

Purchase one of our books or special packages today, and get your child’s financial education on the right path, with INSYL.


Equip your child with the knowledge and skills needed to build a secure financial future.


Cultivate feelings of confidence, focus, motivation, and a healthy perspective on life.

Artistic Consciousness

Boost their imagination, teach them to think outside the box, and nurture their creative thinking.


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