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    Artistic Consciousness

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    Financial Education

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For something so intrinsic to the quality of their adult lives, the core life skills needed for a child’s future success and general wellbeing are often surprisingly overlooked by traditional schooling methods.

While the current curriculums may teach some basics of finance through mathematics, the more specific concepts like savings, debt, loans, and their potential impact are either barely addressed or completely ignored.

Mindfulness and positive psychology are gradually becoming more recognised for their stress-busting benefits and shifting a little more focus to the wellbeing of children, but they tend to be seen as niche topics and are not being used to support general education as a whole.

Creativity and the freedom of expression is another subject which is lacking in so many general curriculums. So much more than just painting and colouring, artistic consciousness allows your child to relax, alleviate stress and express their feelings through creative arts of all types.

At INSYL, we pride ourselves on creating intuitive and innovative educational resources that allow children, aged 5 and over, to learn the importance of our 3 core concepts in a fun and relatable way. Our specially formulated ebooks are designed to give your child a headstart on their journey to a successful and balanced future.

Our new books and special packages will be available to purchase shortly. With INSYL; parents, guardians and educators can guide children smoothly through the highs and lows of their personal development and education.


Equip your child with the knowledge and skills needed to build a secure financial future.


Cultivate feelings of confidence, focus, motivation, and a healthy perspective on life.

Artistic Consciousness

Boost their imagination, teach them to think outside the box, and nurture their creative thinking.


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